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Is counselling for me?

Does your life feel difficult? Do you find yourself in a ‘rut’ knowing you want to make changes but feeling overwhelmed? Do you find yourself worried about the future? Are you in the middle of a crisis or trying to cope with the effects and painful memories of a past trauma? Do you need a place where your thoughts, feelings and actions can be seriously listened to, openly discussed and explored without fear of judgement? Do you find your family and friends do listen but it doesn’t seem to help or they have lost interest in listening and quickly offer advice you are expected to comply with?

If you answer yes to any of the above then counselling may help you – help you view your life and your unique issues, explore them and move forward in your life.

What is counselling?

‘just as gardeners do not grow plants – they grow by themselves – counsellors do not grow persons. What both the gardener and counsellor try to do is create the conditions in which the inherent capabilities for growth and development can come to fruition’

T Merry in Learning and Being 2000

Many people find that they benefit from sharing their troubles, symptoms and reoccurring patterns of behaviours and thoughts with a trained counsellor who will actively listen and understand. Being able to talk about thoughts, feelings and actions, without fear of being judged or criticised, can be a tremendous relief.

I can help you unravel old and new conflicts and traumas alike with a view to coming to terms with them and moving on. I can help you decide what you want for yourself, without giving advice or applying any pressure. I will not tell you what to do but will help you make your own choices. Together we can reflect on how you respond to life events and explore the way you relate to yourself and others within private, safe and comfortable surroundings.

I do not have a cure-all technique but will strive to be trustworthy and consistent in our relationship to enable you to grow in your understanding of your emotional difficulties, as this understanding will help you start to deal with your life’s complications.

Is this service confidential?

As a Private Practice Counsellor my service is highly confidential, without links to NHS or educational records, and is underpinned by my membership as a Senior Accredited Counsellor of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) my belief  in it’s Ethical Framework.

What actually happens during a counselling session?

Each one-to-one session will last 60 minutes and will take place on a weekly basis. I believe our time together will give you or your child the time and space to express your or your child’s feelings.

We will talk through what you or your child choses to bring to the sessions – what issues are concerning you, using creative materials or toys if you or your child wish to incorporate either into your work with me.

I realize this may feel strange to begin with as my clients set the topics for our discussions but it can lead to new learning and understanding of yourself and your life or your child’s understanding of themselves.

How long does counselling last?

Unlike NHS counselling which often is limited to a fixed number of sessions, working with me and paying privately allows you to determine how many sessions you would like or enter an open-ended contract where we meet until you feel you no longer wish to. You can also return at a later date if you so wish or life’s events warrant more sessions, – you decide.

How much can I expect to pay?

My usual session fee is £60 but some concessions from £35
(£30 for single unemployed clients) are available.

I can accept payment weekly by bank transfer or via a bank card using my I Zettle machine. Clients may also choose to pay monthly by invoice.


How long will I wait to see you?

Whilst not always possible, I will aim to book our first meeting within 10 days of your initial phone call or email. During very busy times of the year my colleagues at East Surrey Counselling Group and I operate a waiting list and I will let you know as soon as a counsellor becomes available.

What does senior accreditation mean?

This is a higher standard than both the minimum BACP membership and Accredited membership and recognises my ongoing accomplishments, development and  experience in the field and was awarded as I have undertaken a rigorous professional assessment process.

Do you see children?

Yes I do and I really have a professional passion for working with Children and Young People. I have many years experience both personally and professionally of Children and Young People and have bene working Professionally with this age group since 2001.

Please also refer to my pages entitled:
School and College counselling and
Child and Adolescent counselling

Will you see people with drug abuse problems ?

I believe this is a complex and varied area of therapy provision requiring a multi-agency approach to ensure social, mental, and physical health issues are addressed.

As a private practitioner I can only offer limited intervention and would always recommend alternative routes for a more comprehensive approach.

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