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A vital positive force in pupil’s lives’ (Mosley 1993) 

Working together with school staff in Surrey/West Sussex to improve pupils’ emotional well-being through early intervention.

As an experienced child and adolescent counsellor I am happy to provide counselling for one or more children within the school setting and within the school day, with the prior agreement of the Headteacher, at a cost of £60 per 1 hour session.
(Discounts available – ie 2 sessions per week for 2 children £100, 3 @ £120.)

I am qualified to work with children from the age of 5.

I am also available to provide a 3 hour Inset Day training entitled
‘Attachment in the Classroom’.

This training, suitable for all school staff (£300 per 20 members of staff) is designed to help staff explore how a child’s attachment style with their caregivers impedes or helps with their school relationships and school education.

School counselling is vital as it can be a preventative strategy, supporting those students whose problems could be the start of mental health problems (Sherr et al 1997).

Unfortunately the English government is not yet as enlightened as their Welsh counterparts and therefore it is up to individual head teachers within Surrey/West Sussex to prioritise and fund this important work to help those students experiencing a range of problems and feelings that make learning all but impossible.

‘It is easier to educate happier people’

(BACP 2011)

The emotional relief that children may feel through school counselling has been seen to improve focus on educational tasks (Barwick 2000). It can have a positive impact on children’s educational engagement (Cooper 2006), reducing the need for exclusions, both temporary and permanent and improving behaviour through improved thinking and communication skills and the relief of pent up emotions, all resulting in improved emotional well-being.

The benefits of school counselling include being ‘on-site’ and readily available to all of the school community. This can be seen to be ‘less stigmatising and less disruptive of studies’ than if a child has to travel for their counselling provision (Klinefelter 1994).

A school counselling provision works well

  • for parents who work and are unable to bring their children to counselling
  • for children who are too small for an evening appointment
  • for parents who do not wish to take their child out of school for counselling sessions within my private practice in Godstone, Surrey or do not feel the child will cope with this change to their school day
  • for schools who wish to provide a child/children with counselling as part of the strategy around safeguarding the child’s school place, perhaps as part of their statement provision.

Please note: For children under the age of 13 the agreement of one parent/carer is needed before counselling can commence and a meeting lasting up to 1.5 hrs  to discuss counselling will be held with the parent/carer before counselling begins (at a cost of £60 per hour).

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